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Are You Looking For An IRS Lawyer In Chicago?

Are you suffering with a tax debt that is growing all the time? You may already be searching for help with IRS back taxes or an IRS lawyer in Chicago, but our professional tax company may be the better option with our staff of IRS Tax Practitioners including Enrolled Agents and CPAs. These experts can communicate with the IRS on your behalf, providing the quality service that you might expect from a local tax attorney.

Tax specialists can help with IRS back taxes and can advise taxpayers with their tax debt. Finding the right tax professional can be crucial when seeking tax debt resolution. This is especially true when the debt has grown to the point that the taxpayer cannot handle the payments. In fact, the IRS has many payment programs to help pay back taxes, each with its own guidelines and benefits.

Some taxpayers may think that, due to the difference in state laws, they must hire an IRS attorney to deal with their case. We may not be in your area, but our tax specialists have helped taxpayers with their IRS back taxes in many states across the nation. One does not necessarily have to be represented by an IRS lawyer in Chicago, but you can call our tax professionals to help you determine if you do. While a tax expert may get you the best resolution with the IRS, only an attorney can explain your legal rights to you and help you with them. Once it has been determined that you are able to use a tax expert, you can take enjoy their many resources available for you.

There is some required information that is absolutely necessary to obtain in order to help qualify you for the correct IRS back tax repayment program. Income, expenses and the age of the debt and amount of the debt are common variables. Installment Agreements, in which an individual pays in monthly installments, look at financial situations before determining eligibility. A taxpayer owing less than $25,000 may be able to choose a Streamlined Installment Agreement, in which no financial documentation has to be provided. If the debt is too large to be fulfilled with an Installment Agreement, an Offer-In-Compromise or Currently-Con-Collectible status may be applied for. The first option can, if the IRS agrees on the amount, reduce the total debt balance. The second option is for those whose income is less than their expenses and it clears the taxpayer’s liability to their tax debt.

A big issue with many taxpayers is the cost and validity of the repayment options. Our IRS back taxes experts can help by offering more affordable programs than any IRS attorneys in Chicago and are also able to negotiate under the same IRS guidelines available to these same tax lawyers. While working with our company, one will be able to receive and gain more access to resources from our tax experts than IRS attorneys in Chicago.

The IRS may begin enforced debt collections in order to satisfy a debt. It is important to have an IRS back taxes expert helping at this point to keep negotiations running smoothly. It is important not to ignore debt notices in order to avoid a lien. This enables the government to hold assets and property belonging to a taxpayer to guarantee payment by the taxpayer. Having a lien on one’s assets and property can also affect credit scores and reports, often remaining for 7 years. The IRS also has the option to levy the assets and property, seizing them to pay off the balance of the taxpayer’s accounts. In order to reduce these effects of these actions, it is very important to seek the help of experienced tax specialists.

If you need help with IRS back taxes and are receiving IRS debt notices, you may require the help of our expert case negotiators. We may not be a law firm or IRS lawyers in Chicago, but we are equipped with Tax Professionals, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents who can help you understand your choices. You can find help with the back taxes owed to the IRS by exploring the different repayment plans. If you have any questions, our tax debt experts can answer any tax questions you may have ranging from proper tax return preparations to debt resolution. Call now for a free consultation and to begin finding relief from tax debt!